Imagination - PTF Club

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In 2007, three Ryerson students, Jenna Avrich-Stevens, Carly Benkendorf and Emma M. Truax came up with an interactive media project to document the imagination of the members of the PTF Club.


We created a board for the PTF club where kids will be able to hang their artwork that they create for Marianne. We sent out letters to the parents suggesting that "Kindness Towards Strangers" be the theme of the board. It was created out of foam core and after talking to Marianne the title of the board became "Imagination of the PTF Club." The letters were done in Marianne's favourite colour combination (orange and pink) and the dove that is her logo for her jewlery company was recreated and placed at the bottom right corner of the board.

Getting It Done


The Day (Thursday Nov. 8th, 2007)


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