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Moving into the promise of Spring

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Hi to all my friends who pass by the hot dog stand.  My year of recovery is coming to a close and I am very happy to say that the time off was so beneficial.  It is amazing how our bodies can heal if we give it what it needs.  So I gave my body a big break by resting and allowing for my injuries to recover.  I come back with renewed vigor and the anticipation of seeing all my young and old friends once again.   I would really like to continue Happy Thursdays this year.   The Happy Thursday hot dog price will remain at $1.50 for children under 15 who first give the PTF sign. 

Taking physical time away from the hot dog stand allowed me to focus a lot more time on the Street Food Vendors Association.  This association was formed by other hot dog vendors like myself that felt we were being miss treated by City Hall.  I was asked to be the Executive Director and I took on the challenge of learning about Civic politics and to understand the by-laws affecting our industry. We are up against a lot of bias from members in Council and a desire to eliminate the existing food industry in favor of the new A La Cart program.  We are working hard to re-educate the public and City Council about our importance in our communities and as cultural icons to Toronto.  We are also needing to improve our performances as street food vendors to regain some of the trust that has been lost by vendors who chose to run their businesses poorly.  All in all it has been a fascinating journey a big learning curve and a continuous up hill climb to be heard and to make change.  

Please come by to reconnect, share some laughs and see our new exciting menu.

I will be back May 3rd just like the promise of Spring!.  

See you all soon.





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